National Day of United Republic of Tanzania

Article excerpt

THE United Republic of Tanzania celebrates its National Day today. This country is located in southeastern Africa, bounded on the north by Kenya and Uganda, on the east by the Indian Ocean, on the south by Mozambique, Malawi, and Zambia, and on the west by Zaire, Burundi, and Rwanda. The total area of Tanzania is 945,100 square kilometers. Dar es Salaam is the capital and largest city.

The country is rich in natural resources. Diamonds are the most important mineral mined in Tanzania, with an annual production of about 200,000 carats. Large deposits of coal and iron are found in the southern region. Deposits of gold, lead, tin, tungsten, and magnesite abound in other parts of the country.

Tanzania has been playing an important role in several regional and international organizations, including the Non-Aligned Movement, the Southern African Development Coordination Conference, the Organization of African Unity, and the United Nations and its specialized and related agencies.

Because of distance, the relationship between the Philippines and Tanzania has yet to be enhanced. …