Prosecutors Appeal Dismissal of Evidence in Child Porn Case

Article excerpt

Byline: Charles Keeshan Daily Herald Staff Writer

A recent spate of child pornography cases in McHenry County has prompted local prosecutors not to give up on one that's been pending for nearly three years.

The McHenry County state's attorney's office announced Friday it is asking an appeals court to overturn a lower court decision dismissing much of the evidence against an adult business owner charged with child pornography and obscenity.

The appeal will seek to reinstate a search warrant authorities used to raid the home and offices of Michael A. Jones, who ran an Internet-based adult business in the small McHenry County village of Greenwood.

"Because this case involves child pornography, we want to exhaust all our options and legal remedies," Assistant McHenry County State's Attorney Daniel Regna said Friday.

Jones, 46, was charged with five counts of child pornography and nine of obscenity in connection with some of the thousands of computer images seized during the October 2000 raid.

But McHenry County Judge Sharon Prather threw out the search warrant earlier this year, ruling police lacked constitutional authority to conduct the raid and seize materials protected by the First Amendment. …