Anti-Crime Conferees Named

Article excerpt

As The Weekly went to press, House-Senate conferees were named and work was underway to resolve the differences between the House and Senate 1991 anti-crime bills.

The key issue for cities and towns is whether or not conferees will adopt, as part of the final crime package, the NLC-supported, House-passed provisions calling on the attorney general to study the procedures followed in internal, noncriminal investigations of State and local law enforcement officers--or--the NLC-opposed, Senate-passed Police Officers' Bill of Rights provisions.

Senate Demorcrat Conferees are: Joseph Biden (DE), Edward Kennedy (MA), Howard Metzenbaum (OH), Dennis DeConcini (AZ), Patrick Leahy (VT). Senate Republicans are: Storm Thurmond (SC), Orrin Hatch (UT) and Alan Simpson (WY).

House Democrats are: Jack Brooks (TX), Don Edwards (CA), John Conyers (MI), William Hughes (NJ), Charles Schunner (NY), Harley Staggers (WVA). Democrats Ed Feighan (OH) and Mike Kopetski (OR) will be conferees on the weapons issue. Republicans are: Henry Hyde (Il), James Sensenbrenner (WI), Bill McCollum (FL), George Gekas (PA). Steve Schiff will represent Republicans on the weapons issue. …