State Postage Stamps: Elementary

Article excerpt

Significant Problem

At the post office one day a sheet of colorful state stamps caught my attention. Each stamp was different and represented one of the fifty states. I knew that the fourth grade curriculum at my school included the study of the United States. I showed the stamps to the teachers and proposed the idea that as part of each student's required report on a specific state, that he or she must design a postage stamp of that state. Among the three sections of fourth grade, all fifty states would be covered.

Essential Concepts

1. Using reference materials to collect information.

2. Translating written words into a visual message.

3. Developing skills in lettering and graphic design.


white copy paper (with a line drawing of an empty stamp), 9 x 12" (23 x 46 cm) white drawing paper, markers, colored pencils

Guiding Practice

We talked about graphic designers and the type of work they do. We talked about computer graphics and discussed how graphic designers translate information into a visual message. …