Senatorial Candidates Vow to Help Movie Industry

Article excerpt


Theres an influx of celebrities migrating to the world of politics. From just being endorsers for different candidates, many actors or singers are trying their luck in public service by seeking elective posts.

Can you blame them?

They are public figures and their popularity among the masses is their edge over other candidates. Their reason for going into politics may be the declining showbiz industry wherein there are more performers but lesser projects or jobs available. With a voice in government, these actors would have a chance to help the industry they love so much by making it a progressive and profitable business again.

Senatorial candidates who have showbiz backgrounds or affinities have already drawn out specific plans of helping the industry get back on its feet.

Jinggoy Estrada plans to entice more producers to make movies while Lito Lapid is out to look after the welfare of character actors and even stuntmen if they win as senators.

Other senatorial candidates who want to help the showbiz industry are former Solicitor General Frank Chavez (under Reform-LM) and Mr. Expose and former Sen. Ernesto Maceda.

According to Chavez, the thrust should be in the legislation for laws that will benefit the industry. He believes that the hardworking industry should get as much from the government especially because it is a highly taxed industry.

I think there should be more incentives for the showbiz industry like tax exemption for capital equipments coming in. By capital equipment, I mean equipment that are used in the industry. There should probably be a restructuring of taxes coming from entertainers and there should be ample protection, not only law but the implementation of the law on infringement cases like the violation of intellectual property rights, trademarks and piracy.

Chavez, who is related to the late Pancho Magalona, a popular matinee idol decades ago, made a name in government as an anti-graft and corruption lawyer. His pro bono clients included 600 accused detainees during the Marcos Regime, OFWs, domestic helpers and the poor.

Passionate about singing, as displayed by his recording of a special CD for his campaign material, he didnt join showbiz like Pancho because, as he jested, he would not know what to do if he enjoyed being in showbiz.

What matters for Atty. Chavez is the showbiz sector which is also a vital part of the countrys economy. …