Producers Pin Hopes on Cannes Sales Pitch; Industry's Leading Figures Get Chance to See Home-Grownfilms

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LIVERPOOL filmmakers will be flocking to Cannes this week to showcase their work to some of the biggest names in the movie industry.

Finance company Tower Films will be among the hundreds of producers to have their creations screened as part of the Marche section of the world famous festival, with the aim of attracting the attention of potential distribution agents.

Cinemas across the French town will show the productions,on a rotation basis,allowing hundreds of potential distribution companies,critics and other industry leaders to view them.

Films financed by Tower include Out of Season, starring Dennis Hopper,School for Seduction, withKelly Brook,and Modigliani, withAndy Garcia, which will all be shown during the festival.

Tower Films director Steve Marsden said: ``This year we are hoping to sell the films we are taking over,and we will also be meeting potential investors.

``We are taking a yacht over with us where we will be entertaining people in the industry.''

Out of Season is about a young drifter who is forced to stay the winter in a seaside town. While there he unwittingly becomes the catalyst for deceit,double crossing and murder.

School for Seduction is a comedy about a femme fat ale who passes her knowledge on to a group of Newcastle women.

Modigliani is a costume drama telling of the rivalry between Italian painter and sculptor Amedeo Modigliani and Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.

North West Vision, which promotes the region as a set location,has teamed up with LA Productions to submit a selection of short films for Cannes'newest category,introduced this year.

The organisation will also take the opportunity to launch the Merseyside Film and TV Fund, which aims to attract movie makers to the county. …