Punishing Hate Crimes: The Next Phase

Article excerpt

Canada pioneered the prosecution of "hate crimes," introducing enhanced penalties for crimes against protected victim groups years before our nation began to adopt the same misbegotten policy. Subjects of the socialist regime in the Great White North can be fined, lose their jobs or sentenced to prison terms merely for publicly expressing unsanctioned opinions regarding race, religion, or sexual "orientation." But according to Canadian law professor Alan Young, such measures simply aren't enough: What is needed is a full-blown, Soviet-style program of government-imposed "deprogramming" for those accused of hate crimes.

"In the context of hate crime, I do have some regrets that we have a constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment," lamented Young--the Canadian Alan Dershowitz--in a March 28 Toronto Star column. In dealing with such reprobates, government must display the "ingenuity, audacity and courage" in the use of brutal means supposedly intended to "kick-start a brain."

"The hate criminal is unique," writes Young. "The defining feature of the hate criminal is stupidity. It is a crime born of intellectual deficiency.... These people turn off their brains and pay homage to half-baked philosophies based on nothing more than their own inadequacies and insecurities. The racist deliberately short-circuits his brain to massage a crippling and neurotic need to hate. …