Carol@Mirror.Co.Uk: HISTORYONICS; How the Internet Can Help to Unlock Mysteries of the Past

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THE true hell of war was unleashed on June 6 1944 as our boys' blood was spilled on the beaches of Northern France.

The brave liberating force was making history as the D-Day landings marked the beginning of the end for Hitler.

On June 6 up to 35,000 veterans and their families will cross the Channel for events to mark the landings' 60th anniversary.

But you don't have to be in France to be moved by history. Here's 10 of the best historic websites...

THIS is a remarkable all-round history tool. It is primed for the landings commemoration with forums, debates, coverage and articles. It also has details on kings and queens, wars and battles and info about forthcoming chats and forums with experts from BBC programmes.

IF you prefer your history natural and dinosaurs are your thing, then try the Natural History Museum site. You can watch live webcasts of museum presentations and browse though the video archives about everything from tadpoles and bats to slugs.

SIT down for online history lessons, easy-to-access background material, GCSE revision tasks and loads of quizzes. Britain.html

EASY-to-follow trip through history from 1500 to 1980. Pick a topic and be amazed by the amount of detail. …