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The quality of Teaching Children Mathematics (TCM) very much depends on the voluntary efforts of many mathematics educators. The journal has profited from the experience of those who have served as members of the Editorial Panel, editors, members of Reader Advisory Panels, reviewers, and referees.

Members of the Editorial Panel are appointed by the NCTM President and are approved by the Board of Directors. In April 2004, Dorothy White and Tad Watanabe completed their terms. White deserves special commendation for her leadership in producing the upcoming October 2004 focus issue, titled "Teaching Mathematics to Special Needs Students."

The importance of department editors to the quality of this journal is impossible to overstate. As editor of the "Investigations" department, Patricia S. Moyer provided exploration activities for direct use with students. Julie Cwikla and Armando Martinez-Cruz gathered another collection of "Research, Reflection, Practice" articles that were well received by classroom teachers, as well as the research community. The popular "Early Childhood Corner" department benefited from the leadership of Doug Clements and Julie Sarama. Kaethe Perez, Kevin Larkin, and Darcy Webb added their personal touches to a year of activities through the "Math by the Month" department. Thanks go to Brenda Hammond for soliciting and editing such high-quality contributions for "Links to Literature." Terese Herrera helped readers find their way around the Internet as editor of "News from the Net." Kim Hartweg and Robert Mann were the driving force behind soliciting new problems and reviewing solutions to previous problems in "Problem Solvers."

Each article that appears in TCM is judged for content and style by at least three referees. Reviewers are volunteers who agree to evaluate books and other instructional materials for the journal. These volunteers serve open-ended terms. The names of NCTM members who were serving in these roles as of 1 December 2003 appear on the following list. An asterisk beside an individual's name indicates service as both a referee and a reviewer. NCTM members who are interested in refereeing two or three manuscripts each year or serving as a reviewer of instructional materials should request a copy of the guidelines and a personal data sheet from the journal editor.

The efforts of all these individuals in maintaining the vitality of Teaching Children Mathematics are very much appreciated.

The Editorial Panel

Referees and/or Reviewers

Joan Akers *

Rebecca Ambrose *

Rose Ambrosino *

Jerry Ameis

Ann Anderson *

Hal Anderson *

Angela Andrews *

Cheryl L. Arevalo *

George Armstrong

Kari Augustine *

George Austin-Martin

Linda Jo Bailey *

Judith Ball *

Honi J. Bamberger

Mary Jane Baranowski

Mary Ellen Bardsley *

Arthur J. Baroody

Jim Barta *

Anne Bartel

Joanne C. Basta *

R. Mark Beadle *

Susan Beal *

Paul Becher

Joanne Rossi Becker

Barbara Berman

Esther Billings

Elliott Bird

Randee Blair

Stephen Bloom *

Timothy Boerst

Mary Boes *

Diane Boesch

Linda Boland *

Pam Boldrin *

Karen Brannon *

Daniel Breidenbach

Jill Breslin *

George W. Bright

Laura Brinker

Stephen L. Brown *

Christine A. Browning

Amy Brudin

Connie Buller *

Lucille Bullock *

Barbara A. Burns *

Carol A. Burton *

Grace M. Burton *

William S. Bush

Jen Buttars

Robert Buyea *

Robert Callahan *

Janice Cangley

Lelon R. Capps

Mary Margaret Capraro

Robert M. …