Television : Love-Triangle Ebony Faces Chop in TV Vote; PICK OF THE WEEK FAMILY AFFAIRS: Family Affairs' Viewers Go Interactive to Choose Hubby's Partner (Five, Monday-Friday, 6.30pm)

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Byline: with Steve Hendry

Stunning Family Affairs star Ebony Thomas may have missed out on a prize at the British Soap Awards but she's still on the verge of making TV history.

The gorgeous 21-year-old who was nominated for Best Comedy Performance at last weekend's event is at the heart of a sizzling on-screen love triangle, the outcome of which will be decided by the soap's viewers.

In a UK first, Family Affairs is going interactive to sort out the bizarre personal lives of Ebony's character Yasmin MacKenzie, her love-rat husband Marc (Michael Wildman) and his lover Geri Evans (Anna Acton).

After countless twists and turns, the show will culminate in a special week beginning tomorrow, which will see viewers decide which of his two lovers Marc will finally choose.

Ebony has already filmed every option and is desperate to find out what the viewers are going to do.

She said: 'It's been fun but bloody difficult filming it. We've filmed all possible outcomes and it was really confusing. It got to a point where was going on set and wondering, 'Have I left him or has he left me? Is he with me or Geri today?' 'But it's been worth it. Everyone loves to see two girls get into cat fights so that's what they are going to see. We've watched it back and I believe it is some of my best work. I'm really proud.

'Going interactive is a real thrill. There's already so much interactive television with the likes of Pop Idol and Big Brother, where people get to decide the outcome of a show, but it's the first time it has ever been done on a soap.

'I think it's good for an actor because think a lot of us feared work would dry up when reality TV began to dominate the schedules it feels like we're hitting back a little bit. I'm so proud to be part of it.'

Ebony joined Family Affairs as a 15-year-old and has survived cast culls by numerous show bosses, including former Coronation Street axeman Brian Park and current executive producer and Bill supremo Paul Marquess. …