Turner Prize 2004: YOU BIN FRAMED; Osama's Last Known Address Is 'Art'

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IT wouldn't win over many buyers in an estate agent's window, but Osama bin Laden's crumbling home could soon scoop pounds 40,000 for a pair of British artists.

The Turner Prize, notorious for sparking controversy, has done it again this year...by labelling the last known address of the killer terrorist as "art".

Shortlisted artists Ben Langlands, 48, and Nikki Bell, 44, created the bin Laden piece as part of an exhibition studying the aftermath of September 11.

The digital recreation even allows viewers to have a "look around" the decrepit home via computer image.

It is one of four works which were yesterday shortlisted for Britain's best known arts award.

Nominating bin Laden's virtual house for the accolade is the latest controversial decision from the Turner Prize committee.

Past nominees for the award have included Tracey Emin's soiled, unmade bed, pickled animals and inflatable dolls involved in sex acts. Last year's prize went to transvestite potter Grayson Perry whose vases featured painted scenes of child abuse.

Langlands and Bell's creation is part of a work called The House of Osama bin Laden, which also features photos and videos plus digital recreations of the mass murderer's home in Eastern Afghanistan.

It was commissioned by the Imperial War Museum and created following a visit to war-torn Afghanistan. Bin Laden occupied the house between May 1996 and September 1997 before fleeing when American agents arrived in the area. …