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1. Prison Activist Resource Centre [PARC)

Prison Activist Resource Centre (PARC) is committed to exposing and challenging the institutionalised racism of the criminal injustice system and to promoting anti-racism among its individual members. The centre's main aims are:

* To expose the myths that sustain widespread injustices in prisons and in the communities most affected by mass imprisonment.

* To inspire people to take positive action against the mass-incarceration system and for prisoners' human and civil rights.

* To provide practical support to activists in penal reform.

PARC provides support for educators, activists, prisoners, and prisoners' families, including network-building to develop action plans and materials that expose human rights violations. The site features:

* The Resource Directory for Educators and Activists on the Crisis in Prisons, which includes a directory of organisations and bibliography and is updated twice yearly;

* Newsletter page;

* Fact Sheet page, which includes downloadable fact sheets that can be used as educational tools for outreach and awareness raising on a variety of prison issues; and

* PARC's Internship Program to learn new skills and gain work experience while working for human rights and social justice.

Website: Language: English, Spanish Address: PARC, P.O. Box 339, Berkeley CA 94701, USA Tel: (1-510) 893 4648 Fax: (1-510) 893 4607 E-mail:

2. Women Coping in Prison

Women Coping in Prison Project is designed to explore both the subjective and objective parameters of women's experiences while living in a prison environment. Specifically, it seeks to determine:

* The patterns of victimisation that predate the period of incarceration;

* The extent and nature of violence occurring within a maximum security women's prison;

* Patterns of adjustment and prison preferences demonstrated by the women over time while incarcerated;

* Relational patterns and familial stress related to incarceration;

* Axis I and Axis II symptomatology as it relates to adaptation patterns and recidivism.

The inmates participate in three structured interviews and complete multiple measures every two months a year. These procedures reveal a snapshot of inmate psychological functioning and adjustment while allowing for an assessment of consistency and change in relational, psychological and personality domains. The project represents a collaboration of faculty and students from the University of Virginia with the professional staff and inmates of the Fluvanna Correctional Center. The National Institute of Justice funds the project.

The website provides information on current research work, facts and figures on incarcerated women in the US, a reference list for books, journals and reports, links and downloadable documents.

Website: Language: English Address: Women Coping in Prison Study, Institute for Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy, P.O. Box 800660, 1107 West Main Street, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. 22908, USA

3. JusticeAction

JusticeAction is a community-based organisation that serves a watchdog function, overlooking the prison and criminal justice systems of New South Wales to hold the government and politicians accountable for their duty of care. Members include criminal justice and prison reform activists that seek to uncover and expose police and penal abuse, misconduct and corruption, and to promote reform and meaningful change. It provides prisoner and defendant support and handle cases and complaints.

With over 100 cases active at any one time, JusticeAction facilitates lawyers' representation and agitates for investigations by government, media and independent oversight agencies. …