Alternatives Directory: Canadian Graduate Environmental Studies Programs

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CHOOSING a grad school is a difficult task. Not only do you have to find a school that meets all of your practical considerations, such as location, but you also need to find a place where you can grow and develop your interests. You are looking for a place that complements your style of learning. We hope that this directory will help you to find the program that meets all of your needs.

Our directory is limited strictly to those programs dealing with environmental studies from a social rather than scientific perspective. The resources listed below will provide information on a wider range of programs within the field of environmental studies, including programs in the natural and applied sciences. Please contact individual universities with questions about their programs.

This graduate directory is an annual event, so if you have any suggestions or know of any programs that should be added please contact us.


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or write to: Alternatives Grad Directory, Faculty of Environmental Studies, U of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1.


PhD=Doctor of Philosophy

LLB=Bachelor of Law

JSD=Juris Scientiae Doctor

/=combined degree

FT=full-time study

PT=part-time study

FR=French-speaking school


University of Alberta

Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Home Economics, Department of Renewable Resources; degrees offered: M Forestry (min 1yr), M Agriculture (min 1yr), M Buisness Administration/M Forestry (2yr), M Business Administration/M Agriculture (2yr), M Science (min 2yr), PhD (min 3yr).

  Graduate research areas: Enhanced Forest Management; Environmentally
  Sustainable Agriculture; Land Reclamation and Remediation;
  Biodiversity Conservation.

(780) 492-2820, , .

University of Calgary

Faculty of Environmental Design; degrees offered: M Environmental Design in Environmental Science, Industrial Design, Planning, Environmental Design, or Urban Design (2-3yr), M Architecture, PhD.

  Program concentration areas: assessment and management of
  environmental impacts, ecosystem and natural resource management,
  environmental management and planning, Canadian and international
  development planning, sustainable design.

M: (403) 220-5098, ,

PhD: (403) 220-7286, , .

Faculty of Graduate Studies, Resources and the Environment Program (RESR); degrees offered: M Arts or M Sc (max 4yr, normally 2yr), PhD (max 6yr, normally 3-4yr).

  Apply directly to RESR. Applicants will be considered for admission
  only if the proposed work is clearly multidisciplinary and related to
  areas of resources and the environment. A thesis proposal is required
  as part of the application. The program is particularly well suited to
  self-motivated learners and mature, independent researchers who have a
  strong sense of the academic path they wish to pursue.

(403) 220-7209, , .

British Columbia

Royal Roads University

Science, Technology & Environment Division; degrees offered: M Arts and M Science in Environment and Management (2 yr).

  Program gives learners a thorough understanding of environmental
  issues and policy, and the management skills to make strategic
  decisions and implement sustainable solutions. Program combines
  on-campus residencies in Victoria with online distance learning.

(250) 391-2557, for an application call 1-800-788-8028, , .

Simon Fraser University

Faculty of Applied Sciences, School of Resource and Environmental Management; degrees offered: M Resource Management (2yr, optional co-operative program), and PhD. …