New Powerful Intel Pentium M Processor to Drive Adoption of Wireless Technology

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Byline: edu h. lopez

The adoption of wireless technology in the local market is expected to gain further momentum following the introduction of a more powerful microprocessor from the worlds largest chip maker, Intel.

The new Intel Pentium M processor formerly codenamed Dothan is based on the 90 nanometer (nm) process technology the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing process in the industry and built on 300 mm wafers.

"Were happy with the progress in the adoption of wireless technology," says Ricky Banaag, country manager of Intel Microelectronics Phils., Inc.

There has been an increasing demand of Intels Centrino mobile technology since its introduction in the local market a year ago.

The new Intel Pentium M processor features higher frequency with micro-architectural enhancements and more ondie cache. It is in conjunction with the Intel 855 chipset family and the Intel PRO/Wireless network connection family which enables extended better life in thinner and lighter notebook PCs.

Banaag expects an increase in demand for Centrino bundled with the new Intel Pentium M processor. "Were on track with our technology roadmap as we take into consideration the demands of our clients and the market."

Intel is closely working with the local service providers to establish more "hotspots" or access points in hotels, cafes, restaurants, malls, airports, resorts and other establishments.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) such as notebooks and desktops would likely upgrade to the new Intel Pentium M processor to cope with the growing demand.

Banaag also expects more OEMs, companies and users to build on the new Intel Centrino mobile technology as the IT ecosystem is building up.

Five years ago, endusers were concerned with connectivity and bandwidth.

Now, they are more demanding in content and real-time information such as streaming video, gaming, movies and other multi-media activities with the availability of highspeed Internet and broadband. …