Labour Signs the Socialist Charter 'For a Superstate'

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LABOUR was accused of taking Britain towards a European superstate last night after senior ministers signed up to a radical socialist manifesto.

Minister for Europe Denis MacShane and former Cabinet minister Stephen Byers signed the document, which goes further than the proposed EU constitution in handing control over many aspects of British public life to Brussels.

It also appears to run counter to many of the 'red line' issues Tony Blair has vowed to defend in any EU blueprint.

The 22-page manifesto, produced by the Party of European Socialists, is supported by a host of leading lights from Leftwing parties across the EU.

Its list of demands includes:

Britain sacrificing its seat on the UN Security Council and G8 group of leading industrial nations as part of a 'move towards single EU seats in the different international organisations;

A common European welfare policy which would 'eliminate all unfair competition between the national social security systems' of EU countries.

Greater 'co-ordination' of business taxation across Europe, as well as a new 'international tax' on multinationals to fund aid programmes.

'Pooling and sharing sovereignty' on foreign policy.

A 'common immigration policy based on the principle of non-discrimination'.

A commitment to making sure that 'real economic co-ordination represents a crucial task for Europe', which would mean Britain losing control over many aspects of its economy.

That EU countries should be ' consolidating and modernising' their armed forces 'to ensure a credible European military capacity'; * The creation of a new 'World Charter of Fundamental Rights', which would include the right to strike. …