Free D-Day Dvd; the Normandy Invasion 6th June 1944

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TO commemorate the bravery of the men who fought for victory on June 6, 1944, we are offering you a FREE DVD which charts the epic story of D-Day.

Codenamed Overlord, the operation brought together the land, sea and air forces of the Allies in the largest invasion force in history.

This memorable DVD has a string of special features, including Battle Maps, One Hero's Story, The Allied Forces, Normandy Memorials and a special Photo Gallery. To get one, all you need to do is pay 60p postage (full details below). And to complement this great DVD, we are offering you the chance to purchase four more for just pounds 5.99 each, or pounds 21.99 for the whole set. They are...

THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN: From the occupied airfields of the Netherlands and France, to the ultimate defeat of the Luftwaffe, this superb DVD, with the help of the US War Department and The Signal Corps, tells the story of The Battle of Britain.

HMS ARK ROYAL: HMS Ark Royal became one of the most famous ships in the world. This rare archive War Office film tells the story of the development of the aircraft carrier and HMS Ark Royal 3. It recounts many of Ark Royal's battles including how in May 1941 she flew off a striking force of torpedo aircraft that crippled the Bismark.

D-DAY BATTLE FOR THE BEACH: This is the story of the Nazi defeat on the Western Front, and the immense teamwork behind the huge operation that turned D-Day into a day of glory. …