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Byline: Peachy Limpin

To welcome school year 2004-2005, here is a list of websites that would be very useful for students of all levels, from grade school to graduate school students, professionals included.

I'll start with Free Full Text at The site provides links to over 7000 scholarly periodicals available on the Internet for free. For those of you who have no access to a fee-based database but want access to professional journals as a means of continuing education, this one's for you. However, to optimize the site, you should be looking for a particular article with complete citation already rather than searching for one because it would be such a waste of time to just browse the journals.

If you're a graduate or postgraduate student and is in a bind on what to write about, should answer your problems. It's a searchable database of more than 25,000 research papers and experimental studies. Sample theses can be downloaded for a fee otherwise excerpts are free. The site also provides a brief explanation of the different parts of a research study.

For serious students of Psychology and practitioners of the discipline, Psyplexus at would be worthy of bookmarking. It is a directory of free online full-text articles meant for mental health professionals maintained, owned, and edited by Dr. Shahul Ameen, an Indian psychiatrist. The site contains articles on psychiatry, substance abuse, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, and a lot more. The site also offers a free monthly newsletter featuring new sites and useful tips.

Literature students, whether in grade school, high school, or college will find in The Literature Network ( a treasure chest of classical works. With 300 full books, over 1,000 short stories and poems by more than 90 authors, and 8,500 quotes, the site has a pretty extensive collection for a free database. However, only those works that are in the public domain (pre-1920s) are included. …