Carrying the Torch of Freedom

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Reason magazine is published with the help of readers who invest more than the price of a subscription by making contributions to Reason Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We are grateful to all of them for their support of our journalism and public policy research.

In this issue of Reason, we acknowledge members of our Torchbearer Society, a community of people who advanced the cause of "Free Minds and Free Markets" by making a contribution of $1,000 or more in 2003.

Torchbearer Council

Bruce & Glovance Ames

Frank Baxter

Thomas E. Beach, The Beach Fdn

Frank & Sheldo Bond

Carthage Fdn

Castle Rock Fdn

Richard J. Dennis

William A. Bonn, Dunn's Fdn

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Fleming

General Motors

Paul F. Glenn

C. Boyden Gray

J. P. Humphreys Fdn

Joseph J. Jacobs

J.W. & Ida M. Jameson Fdn

David Koch

Peter Lewis

Lilly Endowment

Stephan Modzelewski, The Modzelewski Cheritable Trust

Sarah A. O'Dowd & Christopher P. Saari

John William Pope Fdn

Mrs. Spelmen Prentice

Procter & Gamble

John Stagliano

Linda & Harry Teasley

Thames J. Tisch

Platinum Level


Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

Altria Corporate Services

American Water Works

Bond Market Assn

California Assn of Realtors

California Building Industry Assn

Louis Carabini

Charles H. Chandler

Chase Fdn of VA (M/M Derwood S. Chase Jr.)



B & E Collins Fdn


Dart Fdn




Bob & Sandy Gelfond, Fdn for Freedom & Justice

Hall Ambulance

Mr. Robert C. Hardie

Harrah's Entertainment

Philip D. Harvey

Graver Hermann Fdn

Mr. & Mrs. John V. Hilberg

Roy C. Hofschneider

James D. Jameson


William J. Johnson


Macguerie North America


Occidental Petroleum

Andy & Laurie Okun

Purdue Pharme

James M. Rodney

The Roe Fdn

Sheldon Rose

Chris J. Rufer

Carol & Jack Sanders

Scaife Family Fdn

Tejon Ranch

UST Public Affairs

Alex C. Walker Fdn

James & Faith Waters

Mr. & Mrs. Pierluigi Zappacosta

Ray Zemon

Gold Level

Aequus Institute

K. Tucker Andersen



Boar, Stearns

Donald & Karol Boudreaux


California Ambulance Assn

Crew A. Carey

Arthur & Carlyse Ciocca

Cofiroute Global Mobility

Corrections Corp of America

Jim & Denise Curley


Freedom Communications

Terry & Carolyn Gannon

Neal Goldman & Marlene Mieske

Granite Construction

Martin G. Grader, William Victor & Frances Claire Groder Memorial Fund of the

Triangle Community Fdn

Dan Grossman

Roger Hertog

William H. Hurt

Infrastructure Management Group

G. Bradford Jones

Michael L. Kaiser

Roy L. Kennell

Manny & Willette Klausner

Koch Performance Roads

Warren & Kathy Lammert

James W. Lintott

John P. Mackey

Nossaman, Guthner, Knox & Elliott


Pisces Fdn

Robert W. Poole Jr.

Roadway Express

William E. Simon Jr.

Cliff & Bobbie Slater

Vernon L. …