FEATI's Electronics, Computer Courses: Preparing Students for the Rapidly Changing Technology Era

Article excerpt

In this age of dynamic and modem technology, there is no doubt the world of business is rapidly changing with the times. The corporate arena continues to demand skilled graduates who will perform significant tasks in the workplace-enabling enterprises to flourish.

This is why the academic sector should consider their huge responsibility in providing quality teaching and skills training in electronics and computer education for its students. In the electronics and computer industries, there is currently a high demand for well-trained and skilled graduates-both domestic and overseas. This prevailing landscape of opportunities has convinced FEATI University to further improve its present curricula for electronics and IT, in order to produce competitive graduates who can work here and abroad.

Technical skills training have been one of the core competencies of FEATI through the years. Because of the increasing demand on technical training, FEATI plans to enhance its technical training skills program to benefit the students.

FEATI, one of the country's best technical schools, offers various electronics and IT courses-accredited by either the Commission on Higher Education and the Technical Education and Skill Development Authority (TESDA). For the incoming school year 2004-05, FEA TI has several plans to hype-up its curricula that will ultimately benefit its students in terms of better learning and highly developed technical skills training.

CURRICULA IMPROVEMENTS For its Electronic Computer Technician (ECT) course, FEA TI will add two new subjects to enable students in troubleshooting TV sets. "(For our students,) one of the more profitable lines is going into electronics and TV," says Engr. Genaro Villanueva, head ofPEATI's Electronics & Communications Engineering (ECE), Computer Engineering Technology (CET), Radio, Television & Electronics (RTE) and Computer Central-a veteran FEATI professor for 46 years now.

The technical school will be introducing a special technique of diagnosing a TV set's problem, patterned after a shop of innovative technicians. "When you bring your TV there, you can get the diagnostic result in 15 minutes. They can service your TV while you wait," he points out. More than TV troubleshooting via comparison method in other schools, Engr. Villanueva emphasized that high-quality training is FEATI's edge.

FEATI also plans to acquire specialized equipment for TV troubleshooting and repair entailing a unique scientific analysis method. "If you have this type of equipment, the instructor can readily insert the port and students can diagnose the results easily. Instead of doing the wiring and maintenance that will consume so much time, you can finish more diagnostic analysis and repair with this type of equipment," he adds.

For instructional purposes, FEATI will also be fabricating some "costly" laboratory equipment (e.g. Programmable Logic Controller [PLC], the motor of a certain machine used for manual repairs, etc.) to further aid its students for their technical skills training. The PLC is part of automated teller machines (A TMs), MRT & LRT ticketing booths as well as vendo machines. …