EU Awards Pounds 128m to Food Safety Research

Article excerpt

THE European Commission is to award EUR192 million (pounds 126 million) for food quality and safety research in the second year of the EU's Sixth Framework Programme for Research.

These funds will go to 31 research projects and networks of excellence and 13 smaller support actions, which will tackle a range of consumer-driven issues with an impact on the 'fork-to-farm' approach.

The short-listed projects will tackle issues such as traceability, contaminants in food, emerging pathogens, diseases affecting animals and crops, food allergy, obesity and various aspects of nutrition.

The consortia behind these projects will now negotiate funding contracts for the next three to five years with the Commission.

This will bring to EUR402 million (pounds 263 million) the EU contribution to research in this sector over the first two years (2003 and 2004) of the Sixth Framework programme.

Pursuing its effort in this field, the Commission is about to publish the next call for proposals with research priorities and an indicative budget of EUR360 million (pounds 236 million) for the next two years. …