List of Books Received

Article excerpt

Bort, Eberhard (editor), Commemorating Ireland: History, Politics, Culture. Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2003. 288 pages. EUR 40.00/GBP 30.00/ USD 45.00 (hardback).

Boss, Michael and Irene Gilsenan Nordin (editors), Nordic Irish Studies. Aarhus: University of Aarhus. Vol. 2, No. 1, (2003). 161 pages. EUR 20.00 (paperback).

Bourke, Richard, Peace In Ireland: The War of Ideas. London: Pimlico, 2003. vii + 462 pages. GBP 10.00 (paperback).

Bruen, Ken, The Guards: A Novel. New York: St. Martin's Minotaur, 2004. 291 pages. USD 12.95/CAN 17.95 (paperback).

Bruen, Ken, The Killing of the Tinkers: A Novel. New York: St. Martin's Minotaur, 2004. 242 pages. USD 12.95 (paperback).

Buning, Marius, Matthijs Engelberts, Sjef Houppermans & Daniele de Ruyter-Tognotti (editors), Samuel Beckett: Today/Aujourd'hui: Three Dialogues Revisited: (Les trois dialogues revisites). Amsterdam: Rodopi B.V., 2003. 278 pages. EUR 75.00/USD 94.00 (hardback); EUR 35.00/USD 44.00 (paperback).

Campbell, Matthew (editor), The Cambridge Companion to Contemporary Irish Poetry. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003. v + 294 pages. EUR 45.00/USD 60.00 (hardback); EUR 15.95/USD 22.00 (paperback).

Carpenter, Andrew (editor), Verse in English from Tudor and Stuart Ireland. Cork: Cork University Press, 2003. vii + 598 pages. EUR 29.95 (paperback).

Coady, Michael, One Another. Oldcastle, Co. Meath: The Gallery Press, 2003. 179 pages. EUR 22.50 (hardback); EUR 13.90 (paperback).

Corkery, Daniel, The Stones and Other Stories. Edited by Paul Delaney. Dublin: ColourBooks, 2003. 207 pages. EUR 14.95 (paperback).

Cunningham, Bernadette and Raymond Gillespie (editors), Stories from Gaelic Ireland: Microhistories from the Sixteenth-Century Irish Annals.

Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2003. 224 pages. EUR 39.95 (hardback); EUR 45.00 (paperback).

Davitt, Michael, Fardoras. Indreabhan, Conamara: Clo Iar-Chonnachta, 2003. 101 pages. EUR 10.00 (paperback).

Delanty, Greg, The Ship of Birth. Manchester: Carcanet, 2003. 61 pages. GBP 7.95 (paperback).

Dillane, Fionnuala and Ronan Kelly (editors), New Voices in Irish Criticism 4. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2003. vi + 228 pages. EUR 45.00/GBP 45.00 (hardback); EUR 19.95/GBP 19.95 (paperback).

Echi Danteschi/Dantean Echoes: Quaderni Di Cultura Italiana 3. Torino: Trauben Edizioni in Association with Department of Italian, Trinity College Dublin. 143 pages. EUR 12.00 (paperback).

Foster, R. F., W. B. Yeats, A Life: Vol. II: The Arch-Poet, 1915-1939. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003. xxiv + 798 pages. EUR 43.18 (hardback).

Friel, Brian, Performances. Oldcastle, Co. Meath: The Gallery Press, 2003. 39 pages. EUR 15.20 (hardback); EUR 7.50 (paperback).

Fuller, Louise, Irish Catholicism Since 1950: The Undoing of a Culture. Dublin: Gill and Macmillan Ltd., 20002. x + 380 pages. No price given.

Gibbons, Luke, Edmund Burke and Ireland. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003. vii + 304 pages. GBP 40.00/USD 60.00 (hardback).

Hartnett, Michael, Translations. Oldcastle, Co. Meath: The Gallery Press, 2003. 127 pages. …