AGLICAY; Your Destination on the Next Vacation

Article excerpt

If indeed, the Philippines is blessed with 7,100 islands, you need more than a lifetime to enjoy all of them!

So on your next vacation, we invite you to explore the island of Tablas, the town of Alcantara, in the province of Romblon. There you will find Aglicay Beach Resort.

Once in a while, you need to get away to a laid-back life amid low-lying hills and coconut palm trees that line the shore to the powdery white-sand beach. Here, the water is clear and the corals dazzled by the color of tropical fishes. On a calm sea, you will find unique rock formations looking like a submarine arising from the depths. Invigorating sea breeze, lush vegetation, unspoiled timberlands, and rolling hills and peaks rising up to sixty meters above the sea, also await the adventurer. Once again, the hills come alive with the birds chirping and the crickets whirring amidst the sonorous sound of the gecko.

These plus modern amenities rooms and showers, bar and restaurant, beach and water sports. Perfect!

Also, nothing beats the hospitality you get from the owners, Guillermo Martinez, a retired surgeon and his charming wife, Glenda, a chemist. …