HOL-OUT STRIKE; Airport Chaos Looms as Staff Vote for Action

Article excerpt

Byline: By Michael Christie

SCOTS holidaymakers are facing airport hell as baggage handlers prepare for strike action. The stoppage, which is being timed to coincide with the busiest weekend of the year, will hit sunseekers at Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Hundreds of flights will be affected after the Transport and General Workers Union voted in favour of the mass walkout, which could now happen as early as next Wednesday - just two days before the beginning of the Glasgow Fair holiday.

Last year, 129,239 people passed through Glasgow Airport during the Fair weekend.

The face-off between the baggage handlers, along with some check-in staff, and their employers Aviance came after a 2.5 per cent pay offer.

T&G national officer Brendan Gold said: 'The offer is an insult around pounds 1 before tax.

'Everyone is aware that aviation is a tough market and nobody is better placed to know that than the baggage handlers.

'They know a bad deal when they see one.'

The T&G complained that pay rates are 'unacceptably low' with basic wages ranging from pounds 12,000 a year for check-in staff to pounds 16,000 for baggage handlers. …