Gang of Girls Are Making My Life Hell.It's Just Not Worth Going on; EXCLUSIVE TEENAGE BULLIES PROMPT PUPIL TO CUT HER WRISTS

Article excerpt

Byline: By Lori Campbell

BULLIES have driven Holly Fitzwater to slash her wrists and flee her school. And they still aren't satisfied. Holly, 14, was forced to move schools after a gang of girls targeted her for no reason and hounded her to the brink of suicide.

Her mum found her in her bedroom with her arm covered in fresh, self-inflicted cuts.

Holly started at a new school six weeks ago, but the bullies tracked her down. And they were soon strolling in whenever they felt like it to attack her all over again.

Even the police have failed to stop Holly's three tormentors.

The gang were all charged with breach of the peace last week after turning up outside their victim's home and screaming abuse.

But their response was to send Holly a sickening email, threatening to 'do her in'.

Holly is now too scared to leave her room, even though it's the summer holidays.

She was once a bright, bubbly girl who dreamed of being a doctor. But the bullies have stolen her hope and left her suicidal.

Holly said yesterday: 'I just don't see the point in living. These girls are making my life hell and I can't see it ever ending.'

The nightmare began last year at Buckhaven High School near Holly's home in Methil, Fife.

Asked why she was picked on, she said: 'They just never liked the look of me. They called me 'swot' because I was into books.

'Then the taunts turned into horrible beatings. They would wait at the gates for me and chase mehome.'

Holly did what the Scottish Executive advises bullied kids to do.She told her teachers.

But she claims all they did was let her out early to run home before bullies caught her.

Three girls were eventually suspended after one particularly savage beating.

But two days later, they said sorry and were reinstated. They soon found Holly and threatened to batter her again.

Holly kept her torment from her parents. And about six months ago, she started cutting herself.

She said: 'I just felt so much bottled up emotion after months of being bullied.

'Cutting myself was my way of letting some of these feelings out. Sometimes when I did it, I thought about killing myself.'

Holly's mum Angela, 42, said: 'She always kept her arms covered. But one day I walked into her room and caught her off guard.

'She was hiding her forearm and when I held it up, I saw dozens of cuts from her wrist to her elbow. …