EXCESSIVE BAGGAGE; CUSTOMS SEIZE LETHAL WEAPONS AT AIRPORT Cops in Crackdown after Eight Swords Are Found in One Night

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Byline: By Richard Elias

POLICE at Scotland's busiest airport told yesterday how they seized eight SWORDS from tourists in one night. And they revealed that they have confiscated more than 300 weapons in 12 months from travellers flying into Glasgow.

Holidaymakers bring a horrific array of weapons into Scotland every year as souvenirs.

But police and Customs yesterday launched a campaign to stamp out the crazy trade.

And they told tourists: 'If you take a weapon home, we'll take it off you.'

The police who patrol Glasgow Airport are amazed by the things some tourists choose to buy as holiday mementos.

In the last year, officers have seized butterfly knives, samurai swords, knuckle-dusters, replica guns, metal batons and stun guns.

One punter decided to bring a double-bladed battleaxe back from his hols. And another was caught with a set of 'kung-fu death stars' razor-sharp metal discs designed to be thrown.

Flick knives disguised as key rings or cigarette lighters are an ever-popular souvenir for the young, male and stupid traveller.

And Customs officers have noticed a growing trend for lighters, lipsticks and pens which give electric shocks powerful enough to incapacitate victims.

In the past 12 months, 312 weapons have been recovered at Glasgow Airport. Many of the tourists caught had hidden knives in their luggage, knowing it was illegal to bring them home.

Chief Inspector Jim Irvine, of Strathclyde Police, said: 'People think these things are just nice to look at, but they are potential killers.'

Irvine said more and more young people were being caught with 'fantasy knives' replicas of blades used by characters in computer games or movies such asThe Lord OfThe Rings. …