They're Making TV Shows for People Who Are Down the Pub; Wogan Slams Beeb for Targeting the Youngsters Not Even Watching Telly

Article excerpt

Byline: By Cameron Robertson

TERRY Wogan has savaged Beeb bosses for aiming prime-time weekend shows at youngsters.

The 65-year-old broadcaster says the young people the shows are designed to appeal to are all out on the town, not watching TV.

The former chat show host makes his digs at 'yoof' TV in a magazine interview out this week.

He said: 'The penny's finally dropped for the BBC.

'You're making programmes for people who aren't there. On Friday and Saturday nights the 'yoof' are in the pub or the clubs.'

Wogan, who is attracting all time high ratings of nearly eight million for his Radio2show,didnot name the offending programmes.

But shows that fit the profile include Friday's Top Of The Pops and Saturday's I'd Do Anything, the entertainment show presented by ex-footballer Ian Wright.

Wogan said the BBC should be scheduling appropriate shows targeted at older viewers who are not out at the weekends. He said: 'They've been aiming at the wrong market on Friday and Saturday nights, aged between 15 and 35.

'Who knows why, as most of the money is in the hands of the over-40s.'

Wogan,65,then turned his attack to reality TV shows, including ITV's hugely successful Hell's Kitchen starring chef Gordon Ramsay.

He told Word magazine: 'We've had this ridiculous Hell's Kitchen where people who can't cook are supposed to produce food. What's the point of that?

'It's more vulgarity. It's encouraging the public to sneer at the poor unfortunate pseudo- celebrities. It's demeaning. It's futile. It's awful.'

He also slammed shows such as Big Brother, which he claims are paving the way for hardcore sex onTV. …