How I Had to Learn to Walk Taller

Article excerpt

Byline: By Lindsay Clydesdale, Woman's Editor

MYmum was right, as usual, when she had me enrolled in ballet lessons before I'd even started primary school.

The slumped shoulders, bowed head look is never in fashion and she was worried I'd develop bad posture and a stoop, because I was already head, shoulders and a good bit more above my pre-school peers.

Big girls everywhere, if you want to be elegant and not gangly, then posture is everything something six foot Maria Sharapova has in spades, thanks to her tennis training.

I'm five foot 10 and have been since I was about 14. Now I'm 28 I've had quite a while to get used to having 34inch legs and being taller than most of the people I know. Tall girls can never enter a room unnoticed, never be a shy wallflower or blend into a crowd. That isn't a boast, it's a gripe.

It's true that clothes often do hang better on a taller frame and longer bodies can disguise extra weight more easily. …