MARKED MAN; Police Hunting Raider with a Giant Lovebite

Article excerpt

Byline: By Ian Dow

A ROBBER who went berserk in a supermarket with a hammer could be caught out by a huge lovebite on his neck.

The thief sneaked into the back office of the busy store just before closing time and stole hundreds of pounds worth of electricity cards.

Assistants spotted the thief and tried to stop him escaping by blocking the shop entrance and holding the plate-glass door shut.

But he pulled a hammer from his pocket and smashed his way out of the Scotmid store before escaping in a car that was parked outside.

Frightening Witnesses told police the only feature they could clearly remember about the raider was the mark on his neck.

A worker at the store in East Calder in West Lothian said: 'I spotted a grey shape through the glass panel on the office door and shouted to one of my colleagues to phone the police.

'The guy came out of the office and we tried to hold the front door shut to stop him getting out.

'It was very frightening. He just pulled out this hammer and started to smash his way through the front door.

'It all happened so quickly. …