Terrestrial Pick of the Day

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55 Degrees North BBC1, 9.00pm HURRAH a new cop show that isn't set in London.

Newcastle is the territory for this new six-part drama starring Don Gilet and Dervla Kirwan.

Gilet is Detective Sergeant Nicky Cole, who gets off to a bad start on his first day in the city when a uniformed cop stops him in his flash car.

Keeping his cool, he extricates himself from the situation, but is soon face to face with the rough-and-ready copper who stopped him when he's called to his first case.

The body of an unidentified woman is pulled from the Tyne. At first it appears she committed suicide, but then the police discover the woman was a key witness in an extortion trial.

Worried that the case will collapse, Crown Prosecution lawyer Claire Maxwell urges CID to put the remaining witness into police custody to keep him safe.

Wife Swap Channel 4, 9.00pm TRACEY and John have been married 10 years and have three children.

Their million-pound home, a five-bedroom mansion on a picturesque estate in Cornwall, is their pride and joy and Tracey spends all her time keeping it nice, while John earns the cash.

For two weeks, Tracey will switch lives with youth worker Shaz.

Shaz has three kids and one grand-daughter and lives on a London estate. The twist here is that Shaz is a single mum, so Tracey doesn't have a new husband to get used to. But not having worked in 14 years, Tracey is in for a shock when she takes on Shaz's role working with underprivileged kids. …