E-Business: 3it's about Time You Cottoned on to the Weblogs Project

Article excerpt

Byline: Giles Turnbull

When schoolteacher John Mills first saw a weblog about three years ago, his jaw hit the floor.

'I saw it and I knew straight away that I could put it to use in school, and that the children would love it,' says the Sussex-based junior school teacher.

If you've not cottoned on to weblogs yet, it's about time you did. If seven-year-olds in John's class can understand the idea, anyone can.

A weblog is a web site built in much the same way as any other. It has pages and links and pictures and could be mistaken for something very ordinary, if it wasn't for one additional feature - personality.

A weblog is frequently updated, using simple tools that anyone can get the hang of. The most recent addition is usually at the top of the front page. Crucially, a weblog will typically include pithy, interesting, witty commentary from its owner.

Weblogging is often described as 'personal publishing' and that's where the personality aspect comes in. A site that has personality is one that people will want to visit again and again.

Weblogs also make excellent ways of filing information. Rather than saving dozens of documents on your local computer, you can post them to a weblog and search the site for them when you need to refer to them again. People have started up all sorts of subject-specific weblogs which have become hugely successful online repositories of knowledge. …