VCON Launches High Definition Set-Top and Multimedia Conferencing Systems

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VCON, a worldwide leader in audio and videoconferencing solutions presented to select group of media people two new group systems in their High Definition (HD) products in a soft launch last week. With the addition of the HD3000 and HD5000 to the existing HD100 offering, VCONs HD family of products now addresses the integrators market as well as set-top and multimedia conferencing environments.

VCON HD5000: High Definition Multimedia Conferencing System

The HD5000 provides data rates up to 4Mbps and includes the newest H.264 video standard for exceptional video quality at a fraction of the bandwidth required in the past. ISDN is available on the HD5000 at data rates up to 384Kbps. The HD5000 has unique data sharing capabilities, both during a videoconference and while offline. Built on a high-performance multimedia PC, the HD5000 can share data with a remote site using a simple, intuitive interface. Attaching a VCR/DVD to the device allows users to access and play videos or music during a live videoconference with mixed audio for recording or training purposes. The tabletop pod is an optional module of the HD5000 that enables users to easily connect a laptop for data sharing, while also providing an extra USB port and microphone connector.

The HD5000 has an embedded web server for remote management of the conference, and allows users to control and monitor their conferences on an ad-hoc basis. With an integrated broadcast viewer and encryption client, the HD5000 can be used to view streamed conferences and can easily accommodate encrypted videoconferencing communications.


Provides TV-like video quality using advanced video standards

Advanced data sharing capabilities with multiple user options

Native 16:9 wide screen display support

Web-based manager makes the HD5000 easy to control and administer

Incorporates HD Simulcast technology for advanced streaming capabilities

VCON Media Xchange Manager (MXM) management and administration agent

VCON PacketAssist for advanced Quality of Service (QoS) over IP

HD3000 High Definition Set-top Conferencing System

The HD3000 combines streaming, videoconferencing and embedded MCU functionality all in one system and all at a single price point. …