Why I Love . . . Employment Law

Article excerpt

I LOVEmy role as an employment law solicitor with leading North West commercial law firm Brabners Chaffe Street and I'll tell you why in three words; people, job content, culture (well, that's four words actually, but you get my drift. ) A solicitor's role is to give specialist legal advice and help on all matters of law. There are more than 60, 000 solicitors practising in England and Wales and their work varies enormously. A solicitor's job is to provide clients with skilled legal advice and representation, including representing them in court.

Working as a solicitor has given me the chance to combine intellectual challenge, interest and variety with the opportunity to work with and for a wide range of people.

The people I come into contact with make my job what it is. The open plan office means we work well as a team and helps us to keep up to date with developments in the law.

Employment law is a fast-changingarea, so I enjoy the regular idea bouncing sessions we have in the department. …