Stress, Humiliation,disgust Mental a Anguish,depression; EXCLUSIVE: RAPIST DEMANDS PAYOUT OVER 'BORING' JAIL That's How Beast Whinges about Life in Prison. Imagine How His Victims Feel

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Byline: By Gordon McIlwraith

A PAEDOPHILE and triple rapist is demanding pounds 15,000 compensation for being bored in jail and having to slop out.

Gavin Davidson says slopping out is 'disgusting'. At most, his three young victims can expect pounds 15,000 between them in compensation for the horrific abuse he put them through.

Davidson, 44, is one of seven prisoners who have joined forces to sue the Executive. Taxpayers will foot the bill for their case.

The inmates want a total of pounds 87,000 for 'loss of self-esteem, stress, depression, disgust, embarrassment, humiliation and mental anguish'.

Scores more cons are expected to follow them into court.

Tory justice spokeswoman Annabel Goldie condemned the case. She said: 'This is a deplorable state of affairs.

'The public will have no sympathy for those who have created so much suffering. We must never lose sight of the misery that victims have to go through.'

It did not take Davidson long to kick up a stink about slopping out. Hehas served only four months of his 10-year sentence.

Two other child molesters are among the seven inmates at Saughton jail in Edinburgh who have been granted Legal Aid to fight their cases.

Paul Nicol, 39, got five years in May for filming himself abusing a 12-year-old girl in the bath. He wants pounds 7000 compensation for his living conditions in the prison.

Fellow pervert Thomas Connor, 77, was convicted of preying on two young girls over aseven--year period.He believes he deserves pounds 18,000 compensation for slopping out.

The other prisoners involved are Nigel McKenzie, 36 (claiming pounds 12,000), Graeme Turnbull, 40, (pounds 12,000),Angus McPherson, 28, (pounds 18,000) and Walter Allan, 44, (pounds 5000).

All claim their health has suffered because their shared cells don't have proper toilets and they have to empty their potties in the morning.

They also complain about their 'monotonous existence' in Saughton, where they are locked in their cells for long periods.

The case is the first major attempt to exploit the pounds 2450 damages award won by armed robber Robert Napier in May.

He claimed his human rights were being breached because he had to slop out at Glasgow's Barlinnie jail.

Davidson and the others were not at the Court of Session yesterday as Lord Carloway heard legal arguments in their cases.

Lice They want the judge to rule that they can't be forced to slop out until a full hearing of their claims has been held. …