Meeting to Push Case for Cosmetics Industry

Article excerpt

Accantia, the Birmingham-based health and beauty company, owner of the Simple Skincare brand, will today meet Dibgy Jones, director general of the CBI, to push the case for the UK's cosmetics industry which, it claims, is being crippled by EU red tape.

CTPA, the UK trade association for the cosmetics and toiletries industry, won the latest battle over calls for greater legislation at the Fourth Ministerial Conference of Environment and Health just days ago.

Proposals to ban the use of fragrance in childcare products, despite there allegedly being no scientific evidence to prove this necessary, were revised following intervention by the CTPA on behalf of the UK industry.

But, says Geoff Percy, chief executive of Accantia and chairman of the CTPA, 'the victory is a hollow one against the rising tide of unnecessary regulation draining the resources of the industry in the UK, reducing competitiveness and diverting resources away from innovation'.

He said: 'The Government mostly pays lip service to tackling these issues but has yet to demonstrate effective and consistent support through action.

'The 7th Amendment to the Cosmetics Directive has incorporated a raft of new requirements, which are entirely unnecessary and will unavoidably end up as costs to the consumer. …