Bounties for Tech Jocks!

Article excerpt

It's draft time for the NBA, and a select few high school seniors will earn more than a diploma. Projections of the June 24 draft show that as many as seven high school seniors will be selected in the first round. While these select few go off to fame and fortune, America will look to the remaining graduates for the skills necessary for its security and economic prosperity--which largely depend on those in the fields of science, math, and engineering--citizens who give America technical advantages over our competitors and enemies. But we will not be able to hold those advantages without effort.

America's lead in science is slipping. The number of science and engineering graduates, patents, and Nobel prizes in America has been decreasing over recent years. If this trend continues, it will directly affect our strength and security.

Instead of just pouring more money into research and development, we should focus more tightly on the individuals who will become our future scientists and engineers. If more American students passed technical classes like calculus in high school, this would lead eventually to more scientists, engineers, and mathematicians--which would translate into more patents and advanced technologies. …