Here's Why the Bard Would Enjoy the Ballpark

Article excerpt

Byline: Steve Zalusky

In Shakespeare's day, audiences at the Globe Theatre were said to hurl fruit in the actors' direction.

You don't see that today, even at a community theater production. True, at the multiplex you see an occasional brawl, but it is usually provoked by loud talk or cell-phone use during the movie. I can't remember anyone getting up from a seat to yell, "Hey, Affleck you stink!" or chant, "Quen-tin, Quen-tin."

And that's why the Bard would have loved baseball, especially the carnival at Wrigley last weekend.

Baseball has no fourth wall. Just as Shakespeare's actors mouthed asides at spectators, you will see Sammy Sosa acknowledging Cubs fans by blowing kisses, while Timo Perez does the same for Sox fans with his parody of Sammy.

And fans never fail to deliver their message. The Wrigley groundlings showed Carlos Lee what they thought of his game-tying homer Sunday by throwing the ball back. And Sox fans will greet a deposed pitcher with "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)."

Want better evidence that the umbilical cord between fans and players remains strong? …