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Welcome to volume 11, issue 1 of the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management. To provide a forum for the publication of contemporary research in the areas of hospitality management, tourism management, travel management, leisure management and event management: this issue comprises a selection of article that have been submitted to the Journal over the last 18 months. All published articles have been subjected to a double blind refereeing process using the good services of the editorial advisory board.

The first article by Lockyer is entitled "Weekend Accommodation--The Challenge: What are the Guests Looking for?" This article reports on research that examined methods of improving weekend occupancy rates of hotels whose main business occurs during the week. Interestingly, it was found that issue such as cleanliness and friendliness of staff were more important than price among weekend customers.

In the second article, "Dimensions of Chinese Culture Values in Relation to the Hotel Dining Experience", Lockyer and Tsai examine the hotel dining experience of the Taiwanese/Chinese market in a five-star hotel in Taiwan. They found that cleanliness and food quality were major factors in the satisfaction of customers. In addition, the culturally specific aspects of "harmony with others", "status" and "face" had an impact on the overall dining experience.

Milman and Ricci's article, entitled "Predicting Job Retention of Hourly Employees in the Lodging Industry" collected data from 230 hourly paid employees working in small or medium size hotels in the United States. In contrast to widely-held views concerning this type of employee, Milman and Ricci conclude that money was not a prime motivator for staying with an organisation and that this type of employee appeared to be satisfied with their current jobs and their organisations' management practices.

The fourth article by Mistillis and Presbury, entitled "The Strategic Use of Information Technology in Marketing and Distribution--A Preliminary Investigation of Sydney Hotels" explores the importance of information technology for marketing in the hospitality and tourism industry. Concentrating on three- and five-star hotels in Sydney, this paper concludes that managers continue to ignore the strategic importance of investing in information technology.

O'Mahoney's article, entitled "The 'Holiness Code': Food Safety Regulations or Religious Compunction", takes a novel view to the concept of food safety regulations. …