Goodbye Greengrocers, Hello Aromatherapists

Article excerpt

IF Britain was once a nation of shopkeepers, most of them seem to have slimmed down.

Greengrocers and butchers are increasingly being replaced by clinics for weight loss and cosmetic surgery, according to Yellow Pages.

A survey of its phone book entries charts the dramatic changes in the business sector over the past ten years.

The number of greengroceries listed has fallen by an astonishing 59 per cent while butchers are down 40 per cent and hardware shops down 34 per cent.

At the same time listings for spethingcialists in aromatherapy have risen by a staggering 5,200 per cent; cosmetic surgeons are up 1,780 per cent; dieting and weight control advice up by 1,440 per cent; makeup artists up by 1,006 per cent and reflexology by 830 per cent.

The number of entries for saunas and sunbeds also saw a growth of 300 per cent.

Not only is the physical aspect of good health rising in popularity, mental wellbeing is also increasingly important.

Entries for psychotherapy and analysis have increased 204 per cent since 1992 while those offering counselling and advice saw a 93 per cent rise.

The number of therapists listed has almost doubled and entries for hypnotherapists offering quit smoking plans and weight control help has risen by 130 per cent.

Of the smaller classifications entering Yellow Pages since 1992, the fastest growing is Shiatsu (Japanese massage) practitioners, up by 3,100 per cent since 1996. …