RP Explores China's Huge Education Services Market

Article excerpt

The Philippines is exploring means to address the demand for foreign programs and business education in the booming education services sector in China.

Trade and Industry Undersecretary for International Trade Thomas Aquino said Chinas market for education services is a window of opportunity for higher education institutions in the country to network with other countries, attract potential students and exchange ideas with its foreign counterparts.

In 2002, at least 60,000 Chinese students left China to study in other countries, according to statistics from Chinas Ministry of Foreign Affairs Asian Department.

Aside from students from Chinas major cities, Beijing and Shanghai, provincial cities with three-five million inhabitants have young Chinese seeking ways to get ahead.

Based on the statistics, over 20,000 students in China are enrolled in business administration degrees.

In October this year, the Center for International Expositions and Missions (CITEM), will participate in the China Education Expo in a bid to promote the Philippine capability in education services. The Expo, officially approved by Chinas Ministry of Education and sponsored by China Education Association for International Exchange, has been held successfully for four years. It seeks to attract some 25,000 visitors working for international education exchange program, government and educational development and research as well as entrepreneurs with training plans.

"Promoting our universities in China will also help sustain the Philippines promotional efforts in the 1. …