Golf Northwest: JUNIOR GOLF - Have a Golf Career -- Even If You're Not the Next Tiger

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Byline: Tony Howarth Merseyside Golf Development Officer

EVERYONE dreams of being the next Tiger Woods or Ernie Els, playing golf every day, millions of pounds every year in winnings but in reality, there are only a very special few golfers who achieve that dream.

There are, however, many ways in which you can be involved in golf every day of your life and still enjoy playing golf at your own level.

There is a wide range of golf related occupations that will allow you to make a career from your hobby and still continue to play as an amateur.

To work on the course itself perhaps as a green keeper or as ground staff, is a very important aspect of the game. As you are aware the better the course is kept the more pleasant the experience for the golfers!

Great pride is taken in the world of the green keeper and tremendous satisfaction when the course looks at its best.

If the green fingered route is not for you then consider the following list of career options: cad-die, custom club fitter, golf club steward, golf course architect, golf photographer/ sports photographer, golf writer/sports journalist, physiotherapist, sports presenter for TV or radio, or sports retailing in one of the specialist golf stores or in the golf department of a general sports store . As you can see, there is a whole world of careers and opportunities within the world of amateur golf.

So if you can't be the next Tiger Woods then don't lose heart and consider other options and still be able to enjoy your golf.

What courses and training are available to people interested in working in golf?

The expanding golf industry ranges from corporate hospitality and golf centre management to golf course design and greenkeeping.

Opportunities exist in a wide range of areas including: golf centre management and administration, golf course design and construction, maintenance and greenkeeping, equipment manufacture and retailing, corporate hospitality and leisure facility management, tournament official and competition administration.

A variety of educational courses are available throughout the UK for students leaving school at 16 with GCSEs, or equivalent, and for those with qualifications gained at a higher level.

These courses offer students the opportunity to pursue their interest in the game of golf and gain an academic qualification at the same time.

They provide vocational education and training in many aspects of the diversified golf industry. …