Mandate Fight Gets Boost from Florida Senator

Article excerpt

Florida League of Cities (FLC) President Sadye Gibbs Martin, mayor of Plant City; Raymond Sittig, FLC executive director; and Frank Shafroth, NLC's director for Policy and Federal Relations last week joined Sen. Connie Mack (R-Fla) at a press conference in Washington, D.C. to endorse two bills Mack introduced to limit unfunded federal mandates or require compensation where they are imposed on cities and towns.

NLC President Glenda Hood wrote Mack that "enactment of such legislation by the 102nd Congress is one of the highest priorities of the National League of Cities. "We strongly support and are committed to work for action on your bills to block legislation--whether authorization or revenue bills, regulations, or federal preemptions which interfere with and impose unfunded costs on municipalities--or to compensate state and local governments for any additional unfunded costs."

In his statement, Mack said:

"Congress must break the bad habit of enacting laws and implementing regulations that unfairly saddle the cities and the states with excessive costs."

Under his first or "point of order" bill, any member of the House or Senate would be permitted to raise a point of order against consideration of any legislation or amendment with unfunded mandates. …