Crossover to Entertainment PC in the Digital Home; Intel Brings Moore's Law into Consumer Electronics Industry

Article excerpt

Byline: edison d. ong

EL NIDO, Palawan You cant talk about it in paper. You have to experience it.

With this opener, Lai Yit Loong, director for South East Asia, Intel Technology Asia Pte. Ltd., sets the tone as he walks this years edition of Synergy participants into the "digital home."

Its amazing what Internet technology can do today in the light of the Digital Home coming of age. The line between analog and digital technology has become blur.

Case in point.

Ricky Banaag and some of the sports fanatics of Synergy 2004 have been following the opening ceremonies of their favorite games at the Olympics. But theres no TV in this island resort.

No problem.

Francisco Claravall and his Innove Communications team immediately goes to work. So does Raymond Remonquillo of Intel Microelectronics Philippines and Wowie Wong of HP Philippines who team up to build their digital office and digital pad next door.

It is Innoves role to provide broadband and Wi-Fi technology connections to greatly improve the Internet experience that takes advantage of streaming audio and movie downloads, aside from sharing photos, videos and music.

For its part, HP showcases its latest array of computing devices (Tablet PC, PDA, multi-media PC, All-In-One Printer, etc.), while Intel (inside the HP products) demonstrates its processing power.

For more than half a decade now, Intel and HP has been inviting local technology and communications media and key government representatives to a "look into the future" at the Synergy conference.

With the world now seeing a crossover from analog to digital media and the convergence of connected devices, the organizers picked the theme "Enabling the Digital Future".


After Yit Loongs briefing, everyone was invited to "Wowies Pad."

From the consumer side, Ricky Banaag, Country Manager, Intel Microelectronics Phils. Inc., said, the usage model is the one driving the technology forward.

With this in mind, we visited Wowie and his padmates.

We witnessed Wowie scan a book cover on an HP multi-function printer, punched a few keystrokes on a small pull-out panel, typed a e-mail address, press send, and in under a minute, stared at "youve got mail!" on a PC.

With no telephone and cellular phone connections in this isolated island, how did Wowie do that, we ask.

Answer. You are on a digital office. Digital home..

Whats a digital home?

Yit Loong describes, "Imagine being able to watch or record live TV, listen to MP3s, edit home videos, record DVDs and CDs, play online games, and share digital photos. All through your home personal computer, anywhere, anytime in the comfort of your home!"

"This is now possible due to convergence technology. Enabled by silicon," he adds.

Mr. Banaas comments, "Intels vision of the digital home is to enable consumers to enjoy entertainment and multi-media content anywhere, anytime and on any device. We look forward to working with industry pioneers such as HP to bring forth powerful new benefits to consumers in the converging world of personal computing and consumer electronics."

With the advent of the digital media adapter, PC and consumer electronic devices are linked throughout the home. Taking advantage of either wired or wireless home networks, a DMA can stream exciting content from the PC in the home office to the TV in the living room, the home theater or the stereo system in the family room. …