School Superintendent Gets Rave Evaluation

Article excerpt

Byline: Anne Williams The Register-Guard

As has been the case through most of his six-year tenure, Eugene School Superintendent George Russell earned across-the-board raves from his bosses during his annual performance evaluation Wednesday night.

Board members dished out their praise in a closed session after the regular board meeting, but released a summary of individual written evaluations.

Ranking on a scale of 1 to 4 his performance in board relations, instructional leadership, school and community relations, staff relations, financial and business management, diversity and cultural competence, leadership qualities and achievement of specific goals, board members gave him nearly all 4s, with just a handful of 3s thrown in in various subcategories.

They described him as a thoughtful, collaborative, astute and respected leader who inspires those who work under him to do their best for the district's 17,500 students. They applauded his steady management in tight fiscal times, as well as his consistent focus on closing the achievement gap that continues to separate students by color and socioeconomics.

In public session earlier in the night, Russell outlined his progress toward several goals, including closing the achievement gap.

While he said he was somewhat disappointed with the district's attempts to recruit and hire more diverse employees, he listed several fledgling initiatives aimed at raising achievement among all students, including the creation of "literacy teams" at each school and continued funding for several pilot projects at the district's neediest schools. …