Update of eSmart Helps Offices Cut Software Costs

Article excerpt

Byline: Anna Marie Kukec

Buffalo Grove-based ASAP Software Inc. (www.asap.com) added a new component to its eSmart software that helps businesses identify under-used and unused applications on office computers.

Businesses pay licensing fees for software. The updated eSmart software tracks the use of computer applications to help company officials determine how many licenses they need.

The updated software also offers detailed reports on usage habits. IT managers then can see who is using which applications and for how long.

"It's about optimizing costs," said Cindy Grogan, ASAP vice president of asset management solutions.

The eSmart software originally debuted about four years ago. The latest update was released a few weeks ago.

Cost for the updated version varies, depending on volume discounts, Grogan said.

The company has about 460 employees worldwide, including 233 at its Buffalo Grove headquarters.

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