'MUSICology' Music + Technology

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Byline: mojo javier & amiel cabanlig

While one machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men, no machine can do the work of one extraordinary man. Whilst renowned humanist Henry Thoreau was clear-cut in his analogy that man is inimitable, his ideas of technology seem out of date. During the defiant early 80s, we had the bulky walk-man that played our fave British new wave chart toppers and American top 40 hits on tape. Not so long thereafter, musical paraphernalia evolved into much superior devices such as the compact disc and the mini-disc players. Well, technology does not stop there the musical evolution seems to be moving ahead quicker than its time! With todays latest gadgetry and innovations on the side of music lovers around the globe, high-fidelity music can go wherever and wherever you do!

Attack of the (i) Pod People

At present, the iPod Mini is technology at its finest. While preceding equipment may offer you up to 30 songs max, try to have a handle on a device that can offer memory of up to 10,000 songs while fitting the palm of your hand! Getting slightly thinner with each generation, the fourth gen iPod Mini weighs no more than 5.6 ounces. This light and compact load is ideal for working out at the gym, cruising in your car, or while simply jogging around.

The latest production of this mini-gadget still boasts of the click wheel technology that debuted the iPod-mini. Without lifting that trusty thumb of yours from the wheel, you can easily select play-lists, scroll through thousands of songs, and start the music playing. Right there on the main menu, you can choose the "Shuffle Songs" that randomly plays the songs in your music library.

With such cutting edge innovation youll never guess whats coming up next. …