Variations in Academic Roles and Teaching Effectiveness; (the Author Is a Teacher of AMA Computer University and Has a Doctorate Degree on Doctoral Education at the National Teachers College)

Article excerpt

Byline: Dr. Esperancilla M. Clemente

Teaching effectiveness has been the focus of many in the field of education in an attempt to come up with quality education.

In the Philippines, there is a clamor for quality education in higher education due to the generally low performance of tertiary educational institution. For instance, it has been pointed out that while higher education institution have been producing an excess supply of degree holders in various fields, there is shortage of graduates of good quality. Many reports came out that per quality as characterized of higher education in the Philippines, is manifested by low percentage of graduates passing the board examination and that the increasing number of teacher education graduate who flunk the annual licensure tests for teacher is continued to alarm the nation (Report in the news item, "Todays Teachers Not Passing Test," Manila Times)

From these studies, it can be deducted that most tertiary institution have not successfully produced students armed with quality learning.

Quality learning is related to good teaching or teaching effectiveness. Trying to see the relationships between the quality of students learning and student perception of learning, it was found out that students were more likely to learn effectively if the academic department were perceived to provide characteristics, like; good teaching, openness to students, freedom in learning, clear goals and standards and appropriate workload.

Teaching is one of the primary functions of tertiary institution. If quality of education is desired, quality teaching should be emphasized. Thus, efforts should continuously be exerted to discover the factors that influence teaching effectiveness.

There have been researchers which reveal the teachers traits, teachers behaviors, teachers environment and institutional variables, affect teaching effectiveness. Teachers functions in school can also be looked into, not only in the elementary and secondary level but also in the tertiary level for the varied work assigned to the teachers may affect their teaching effectiveness. …