Crime Prevention Publications Available

Article excerpt

The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) has announced the release of a new publication illustrating how communities can prevent violence.

"Preventing Violence: Programs Ideas and Examples," an 84-page report, is the first in the Special Focus on Crime Prevention series. It provides ideas for program partners, techniques and considerations for effective programs, and 27 examples of community and neighborhood violence prevention efforts at work.

This complete guide emphasizes that violence prevention can include a wide variety of activities ranging from mediation and other direct conflict management to improving communication between police and the community. Programs hosts include neighborhood groups, community non-profit agencies, youth-serving organizations, law enforcement agencies, college campuses, high schools, social service organizations, and more.

The report suggests ways that individuals and groups can directly or indirectly address various aspects of violence through such activities as community patrols, counseling, self-protection education for children and adults, mentoring of youth, development of positive activity alternatives for young people, reducing gang tensions, education youth and adults against ethnic violence, and more.

Programs profiled come from large and small communities around the nation, from Boston, Mass., to Los Angeles, Calif. …