Catholic Schools Face Crackdown over Bigotry Laws; Protestant Teacher Denied Promotion Sues Council

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SCOTLAND' S Catholic schools are under threat from new laws banning religious discrimination.

Church leaders fear a wave of damaging legal claims after a Protestant teacher at a Catholic school revealed he plans to sue because his career has been 'blighted by sectarian bigotry'.

David McNab, 53, says he has been repeatedly refused promotion because he is not Catholic.

Until now, Catholic schools have been legally allowed to offer some senior posts only to Catholics to 'protect' schools' religious identities.

But Mr McNab's lawyers say the UK Employment Directive, introduced last year, makes this illegal because it discriminates on religious grounds.

Mr McNab is now launching a legal fight against Glasgow City Council in a case which could overturn decades of tradition.

The maths teacher claims he was told not to waste his time applying for a post as a senior teacher because he was not a Catholic. He has been refused promotion four times over the past 14 years.

His bosses at St Paul's RC High School in Pollok, Glasgow, also allegedly told him to apply for another senior post he was 'not eligible for' only because they needed more people for the shortlist Mr McNab claims he was only told about the latest promotion opportunity because his bosses, knowing he was a Celtic supporter, thought he was a Catholic.

Last night the father-of-one, said: 'I think it is a scandal that in this day and age a non-Catholic teacher at a Catholic school is treated in such a terrible way - it makes me sick.

'This discrimination has been going on for years - and it is funded by the taxpayer.

'I started to work at St Paul's because that's where I was placed by the council and I didn't have any issue with working at a Catholic school. …