Education Matters: Disgruntled Art Teacher Says Harry Cheated

Article excerpt

Prince Harry has vigorously denied claims he cheated in his A-level art coursework.

The allegations were made by Sarah Forsyth, a former art teacher at the prestigious Eton College.

Ms Forsyth's claims were made public yesterday in the News of the World before an employment tribunal in which she will say she was unfairly dismissed from the top boarding school.

A spokesman for Eton said staff contacted the Edexcel exam board last summer after Ms Forsyth alleged that Prince Harry cheated in his AS level art coursework - which counts towards his A-level.

The art teacher claimed a senior master asked her to help Prince Harry compile his ASlevel art coursework, according to the News of the World. A statement released by Clarence House on Saturday night said: 'It is not true that Harry cheated in his exams. These are unfounded allegations by a disaffected teacher in the context of her dispute with the school.

'A full investigation into these allegations was held by the relevant exam board which found no evidence to support the claims.

'A senior Edexcel examiner double checked the work, which made up around 20 per cent of the final A-level grade. He concluded that the anonymous candidate had not cheated.'

A spokesman for Eton College said: 'We believe these allegations to be absurd. They are not just untrue - the exam board confirmed this - but are of no relevance to the tribunal case whatsoever. …