Harriet I. Flower (Ed.). the Cambridge Companion to the Roman Republic

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HARRIET I. FLOWER (ed.). The Cambridge companion to the Roman republic. xv+405 pages, 33 figures. 2004. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; 0-521-80794-8 hardback 55 [pounds sterling] & US$80, 0-521-00390-3 paperback 19.99 [pounds sterling] & US$29.

PENELOPE J.E. DAVIES. Death and the emperor: Roman imperial funerary monuments from Augustus to Marcus Aurelius. xv+265 pages, 117 figures. 2004. Austin (TX): University of Texas Press; 0-292-70275-2 paperback $24.95 & 18.95 [pounds sterling].

SIMON SWAIN & MARK EDWARDS (ed.). Approaching Late Antiquity the transformation from early to late Empire. xiii+487 pages, 29 figures. 2004. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 0-19-926714-6 hardback.

Dr FLOWER presents four chapters on political and military history, four on sociology, economics, law and religion, three on imperialism, including the relation to the Greeks, and papers on literature, art and (FLOWER) 'Spectacle and political culture'. There is a chapter too on the idea of the Republic in 'the French and American Revolutions'. …